The Best Romantic Restaurants In Waco Texas

Waco Texas may not spring to mind when any one thinks of a romantic dinner out with a loved one – but they’d be wrong. Waco has some of the most wonderful places to really enjoy an intimate meal in wonderful surroundings and also have the opportunity for interaction between two people who really are for each other.

So where to go for that special romantic meal in Waco Texas?

1. 135 Prime.

Fabulous atmosphere and attentive wait staff are only the cherries on the top when visiting this fantastic dining venue.

The food is also something to savor. You might find yourself at a loss for words when trying to interact with someone you care deeply about when faced with a medium rare steak cooked in cognac and duck fat. But there will be smiles all around.

2. 1424 Bistro.

Waco may have the reputation for being a student town but there are plenty of high end romantic destinations to choose from. The 1424 Bistro is one of these. Service is right there at your table, but not overpowering making it perfect for that romantic evening. From steak to seafood this is dining destination that has it all. The setting is wonderful for an intimate table of two. This a place that will respond immediately to any complaint that you have – not that you will have any. The menu is varied and really does have something for everyone.

3. The Grape.

For a restaurant with such an unassuming name The Grape punches way above its weight class. The wine selection alone would have you in giddy expectation – but paired with the food and the ambiance it is sublime. The servers have the knowledge and the smile to guide you through your menu choices.

The crab cakes are worthy of special mention – you will not find any better anywhere – including restaurants at the edge of the ocean.

The Grape styles itself as a wine bar – the wine choice is certainly magnificent – but it’s a bit more than that.

The friendly service and the welcoming atmosphere make it that perfect place for that first date or an anniversary. It is one of those special places that will have you coming back year after year.

Waco may not at first glance strike you as one of the romantic places in America. But explore and you will find that first impressions can be wrong.

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