Here Are Some More Adventures To Enjoy in Waco TX

We’ve explored quite a few places in Waco thus far, including attractions, tours to take and restaurants. I’ve handpicked some other things to do for you and your family. The more you know about a city you’re visiting, the better, right? The following are some other activities you might be interested in enjoying as you make your way around Waco.

First, if you have kids, you might want to take them by Skate Country. It’s family fun entertainment, and the location is 500 North Loop 340. It’s not just about skating either, as there is an arcade and a giant playground, too. Skate Country is said to be a wonderful place for planning a kid’s birthday party, too.

Not much has been said about being out in nature in Waco, save for the horseback riding tour I mentioned in another article and the boat tours on the two rivers. That is why I’m going to talk about Waco Lake next. Waco Lake is located at 3801 Zoo Park Drive, and it is said to be a hidden treasure with great water activities awaiting you. You can explore small inlets, and perhaps pack a family picnic. If you want to skip the picnic, there is a dockside restaurant that is located near Airport Park, which is really close by.

Let’s talk about another one of those gift and specialty shops in Waco. What can you expect when you visit Brazos Valley Cheese? The location is 206 Halbert Lane, and you’re talking about some really delicious all-natural cheeses. Pair them with some wine you get from one of your wine tours in Waco. Now that would be absolutely delicious, don’t you think?

If you don’t want to take a winery tour, you can stop by The Wine Shoppe, a gift and specialty shop located at 1800 Austin Avenue. This shop is family owned, and it features wines from local growers. You’re going to find everything you need in this local wine shop, and it makes for a great pairing with Brazos Valley Cheese.

You are going to have to many things to do in Waco that you will never be able to get to them all. That’s the fun part though, having too much to choose from. Now you get to decide what’s next, and you and your family are going to have a lot of fun. Here’s to your adventures in Waco TX.

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